My name is Paul Petrea. I had dealt with Xoom for a long time, until they recently screwed me over (September, 2010) anyway. Unfortunately, this was at a time where I really needed their assistance. You see, I had an issue come up where I needed to transfer a small amount of funds from an account in the US, directly to me here in the Philippines.


Over the time I was with Xoom, I made it a point to use Xoom coupons for discounts, read reviews about Xoom remittance, and was, for the most part, very happy with the service Xoom offered. During the time I was out of the Philippines, I did notice a couple of transactions that had been canceled. I never did find out why the transactions were canceled from the company. Unfortunately, Xoom dropped the ball this time too, and in a big way. What makes it worse is, they did not care, and did not concern themselves with explaining why they did this. They even closed my account after voiding my transaction with their company, with no explanation to me whatsoever. What a cluster f#*k of people who must work for that company.


Do note that, while I was out of the Philippines, I had wired remittances through Xoom for a solid year to a girlfriend here. However, once I was back home (I live in Cebu Province), and needed a lousy $150 USD to hold me over until a wire transfer came through, they (Xoom) basically told me there was nothing they could do for me. (My wallet had been pick pocketed and I was waiting for new ATM/Debit cards to be reissued and sent to me.) Later, after learning of this site (I guess I kind of gave them the url to it, hehehe), Xoom banned me from even being able to receive transfers through their company. Yeah, right. Like I am going to use your worthless service after what you did to me, you assholes.


So, if you have a complaint regarding shitty customer service from Xoom.com, please let me know. This especially applies, after trying to send money, or if attempting to resolve a dispute you may have with Xoom. I will happily post your communications on this site. I tell ya, a company can offer all the discounts, coupons, and special offers all they want. But, the customer service must be there to support those who use the services offered by that company - in this case, Xoom.


Thanks for reading,